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Inkfity is a fast growing IT solutions company based in Johannesburg. We offer you world class IT solutions that will connect you to your future. Whether its business or home we have you covered. If you’re in the market for IT equipment and services that will put your business and home life on the cutting edge, at Inkfinity we have the tools and the knowhow to give you a superior digital experience.

The digital landscape is rapidly changing and this offers you great opportunities and challenges. It doesn’t matter who you are, the world has become smaller over the last few decades. It promises to shrink further in the coming decades as new innovations are released. These changes are a great time for you to make a leap that will give you the edge over your business competitors and enrich your relationship at home.

We offer Network solutions, WIFI extenders, IT Support and Computer repairs, Web and Graphic design

Our Mission

We want to make your digital experience as easy and pleasing as possible. Technology shouldn’t be a hassle. As user you need to get the right equipment and services for your work and home. We will do that for you. With great equipment and first class support, we will deliver an enjoyable experience.

WI-FI Extenders

Bring WiFi Dead Zones to Life with WiFi Range Extenders
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